5 helpful benefits of having a copywriter

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As a business owner you will find yourself prioritising and juggling your time amongst your responsibilities. Finding the right copywriter to take care of your content creation is a great way to decrease your workload and still get quality content for your website and social media.


Saves You Time:

Running a business means finding yourself with time constraints. Writing good copy that will effectively convey your brands message takes time. You ideally want clean copy, with no mistakes and a harmonious rhythm that makes it easy to read. After all, this is essentially what will draw your audience in and make them want to keep on reading about your brand. The more they read, the more informed they will be about your service and what it can do for them. Enlisting the help of a copywriter will save you time and get you the professionally written website copy that you are after. Which in turn, means one less thing to worry about.


Tailored to Suit Your Brand:

There are a myriad of ways in which copy can be written, and many individual styles that will benefit your brand. For example, the insertion of blogs on your website can increase its online audience or an editorial of your brand in a magazine will reach those who like to have a morning coffee in their local cafe before work. Your copywriter will target a specific audience and the content will be based around the message you are wanting your audience to receive. Copywriters are skilled in adjusting their writing to different styles and voices to suit particular businesses, so be assured your copy will be created with your particular vision in mind.


Clean Copy:

A good copywriter will have done ample amounts of reading over their time. Whether it be from past study, online research or just general downtime outside work, copywriters get a lot of practice to read words and word structure. Your copywriter has an understanding of professional grammar, spelling and structure that holds the content together and can spot any adjustments that need to be made to correct the content. After receiving back your final copy to look over you won’t have to worry about looking for errors. All you’ll simply be asked to do is read over the final copy to make sure you are happy with the final product and that the information included is what you want the audience to read.


Engage Your Audience:

A good copywriter enjoys putting together words and moulding them into sentences to suit different styles. With lots of experience (and love) for adjusting writing to suit different styles and voices, your copywriter will be able to creatively relay your information to your audience. Engaging your audience is key to getting them involved with your brand. You want them to want to read what you’ve got to say. Having creative and persuasive copy on your digital platforms is a great way to do this effectively. If you feel like you need help expressing your vision in writing, this is where your copywriter can help you.



Your copywriter will understand the need for the inclusion of certain keywords in your copy. Content that is optimised for search engines will play a part in driving organic traffic. Having the appropriate keywords and phrases in your content is important and will help it to rank higher in Google search engine results. Google wants to ultimately see that your content is what users are looking for when they do a search, including the appropriate keywords and information is an encouraging way to do this.


Are you thinking of getting a copywriter to help you with your content? Get in touch with the team to find out how our digital marketing wingman service can help you.



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