6 Tips for keeping your customers engaged through email marketing

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Customer engagement is the continuous interaction between a brand and its customers throughout the consumer decision making process. It involves actively maintaining and managing relationships with customers from a number of different touch points.

Keeping your customers engaged is an integral factor for the success of your business and having an effective email marketing strategy in place will assist you with solidifying your brand’s presence amongst your consumers.

Fully engaged customers are more likely to purchase a product and show loyalty a brand or business if they are engaged in the right way. Email marketing is the perfect tool to ensure that your customers are engaged with your brand and prevent you from missing opportunities to interact with customers and build a relationship with them.

Here are a few tips to consider when it comes to strengthening your customers’ relationship with your brand through email marketing.

Create target specific content that tells a story

Creating content that tells a story is essential to an email marketing campaign, as it engages readers and effectively inspires them to have a positive experience with your brand. When creating email campaigns, it’s important to include relevant content that relates to your brand’s message and the interests of your subscribers.

Use as a complementary strategy

Considering that there are many different digital marketing techniques and tools available, it is integral that your email marketing strategy complements your other activities. For example, you may use email marketing to support your social media or content marketing campaigns. It is important that you are using the same principles (like targeting and segmentation) and you rework your content to suit your overall goals, it can be considered as an extension of any of your other marketing activities.

Focus on acquisition and retention

Most business strategies focus on either retaining or acquiring customers, this is where email marketing is effective in the sense that you can offer both. You can do this by offering things like discounts on the first order for new customers or by offering loyalty programs with special offers to your current customers.

Segment your customer lists

Customers who sign up to receive your emails don’t all have the same intentions or needs. Some customers might be looking for discounts on certain products and others might want information on your latest range of apparel.  Tailoring your campaigns to suit a certain customer group is important, as it will ensure that you are connecting with their needs and effectively keep them engaged with your brand.

Use email marketing automation

It is essential to use an email marketing automation tool in order to make your life easier when creating segmented lists and targeting specific customer. Marketing automation provides your business with the ability to nurture leads through the customer decision making process. Tools like Active Campaign and MailChimp allow you to create workflows and send scheduled and regular email campaigns that are targeted to your specific customer lists.

You also have the ability to review the performance of your campaigns through the analytical interfaces that these types of tools have to offer. That way you can make calculated decisions for your future campaigns based off real data to ensure that you are getting the best results and engaging your customers.

Finally! Clean and modern email designs

If an email is difficult for a customer to understand, then most likely they will either put it in the trash or stop reading it. This is why having an email that follows clean and modern design principles is integral in keeping your customers interested in your content and products. Using visually appealing and relevant images with small sections of copy will ensure that your customers to read the whole email and don’t just send it straight to the trash.

It is also important to remember that your email design should not only look appealing on a desktop computer but on a mobile or tablet as well, as majority of today’s consumers will be browsing on the run.

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