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Adapt – Geelong Chamber of Commerce Event


Networking event speaking with David Koch, Billy Brownless and Sam Johnson

As part of Pixeld’s partnership with the Geelong Chamber of Commerce, we are sponsoring the next Cloud Connect event that will be focused on how business is adapting in the current environment. The Cloud Connect event series is an online version of the previously in-person After 5 networking events, so combine information, entertainment and networking, all via Zoom.

We’ve seen rapid shifts in customer behaviour over the last few months including drops in sales, increases in site traffic, decreases in enquiries and then complete reversals of those trends weeks later. Some business owners are nervous to market in the current climate for a number of reasons. Financial, brand perception, etc. Whilst some business is going into hibernation, is this an opportunity for others to increase their market share or perceived brand value? Businesses can still advertise if they approach ads with empathy and a new set of guiding principles.

Advertising that is empathetic, well-targeted, and genuinely helpful can, in fact, be a welcome tactic in the eyes of many buyers. Given the increased noise on the internet right now, your marketing needs to have smart, targeted, quality content to be successful.

In this event we’ll be speaking to Geelong business owners that have embraced change to better engage with their customers through times of uncertainty. We’ll discuss how they have developed new strategies, found opportunities for connection, and created paths for conversion.

Guest Speaker Billy Brownless

Owner of the Cremorne, the Wharf Shed complex and Cumberland Hotel. Hospitality has been one of the hardest hit industries. Hear how these venues have adapted and are now dealing with the gradual easing of restrictions.

Guest Speaker David Koch

David Koch is best known for hosting Channel 7’s Sunrise and being the president of the Port Adelaide Football Club, but also runs a media agency in Sydney focused on small business, finance and investments.

Guest Speaker Sam Johnson

Sam is the director of Child’s Play Early Learning Centre. The childcare industry has faced some major challenges generated from workforce uncertainty. Hear Sam’s story about her customer and staff focused approach that is seeing this business thrive.

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