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Key components of a blog post
1 month ago - 4 minutes read
Blog posting becomes a dirty word for a lot of business owners. Dedicating time, knowing what to write about, knowing how to write a post are common hurdles/excuses. But there’s no doubt content creation must be a part of any business’s digital marketing strategy in 2017 and there is nobody better positioned to do it […]
The biggest mistake with Facebook advertising
4 months ago - 5 minutes read
I get asked ‘where should I spend money on ads?’ all the time. 99 times out of 100 I say Facebook ads. It’s demographic is so broad and it’s data on users that you can target very specifically is second to none. Sometimes that might be the end of the conversation, but I might hear from […]
New years resolutions for your website
5 months ago - 4 minutes read
The year is nearly over, Christmas is done and there’s this strange week before the new year where you don’t know what day it is. This is a perfect time to think about your business and your goals for 2017. Planning is everything when it comes to digital marketing. Instead of off the cuff, rash […]
Branding extends to every interaction
6 months ago - 4 minutes read
The first thing you think about when branding is mentioned is of course the logo. For a good reason. It’s probably the first thing people will associate with your business. It’s the first thing they see on a website. It’s probably on the door of your store or office. It’s on your business card. But […]
The $200 or less e-commerce startup club
6 months ago - 6 minutes read
I’ve always been a massive fan of the concept of starting a business with next to nothing, and being able to grow it into something. Not necessarily the next multi-million dollar sell out to Facebook, but a challenge to create something that actually generates some kind of revenue. This might help out my income or potentially just fund the next idea.
Why hackers try to break into WordPress
6 months ago - 6 minutes read
If you have ever owned a website built on WordPress you would have no doubt at some stage heard about how your website could be hacked. A lot developers will have you believe that it’s WordPress itself that is insecure, pushing other platforms or products as a ‘safe’ alternative. But is that really true? Why […]
Refine your website with fonts
6 months ago - 5 minutes read
High quality fonts can improve a websites readability and aesthetics. They can also define the tone of your website and your brand. Using the right combination of type face, sizing, weight and spacing can instil elegance, experience, professional or strength. Getting this combination right is an art that a good designer should be able to employ. Here […]
Why you don’t need to make your logo bigger
7 months ago - 4 minutes read
There’s one question every web designer will have heard multiple times in their career, “can you make my logo bigger?”. Often for a business owner a logo is their pride and joy. A representation of their goals and hard work that they can display on business cards, their car and all types of marketing. So why […]
Google Penguin update and how it affects you
8 months ago - 4 minutes read
Google constantly updates it’s search results algorithm The Penguin update to Google’s search rankings was initially created in 2012 to crack down on websites that used deceptive tactics to fool Google into ranking their website. Things like really poor content that’s deliberately stuffed with keywords or paying for links to your website from really poor quality sources. […]
Can your website keep up with your business?
8 months ago - 6 minutes read
It’s now easier than ever to build your online presence when starting a business. But as your business grows, your web site needs to grow with it. There are a number of challenges business owners face when they are experiencing growth. From product development, to staffing and marketing. As your business progresses you will be […]
What is a vanity metric?
9 months ago - 6 minutes read
A vanity metric is some piece of information or statistic about your digital marketing that might make you feel good, but in reality means nothing to your business success. They are the sort of things people like to boast about like their massive Instagram following or their number one ranking on Google for a keyword. But these metrics don’t […]
7 awesome free stock photo websites
9 months ago - 4 minutes read
There seems to be a trend away from stock photos recently. For a while websites got away with using fairly generic photos of professional looking people from major photo websites such as iStock and Shutterstock. They were relatively inexpensive, costing around twenty dollars an image and they saved you the embarrassment of getting photos taken of […]
Google to crack down on pop-ups
9 months ago - 4 minutes read
Google is about to release a change to its mobile search results that penalises websites using pop-ups. Nobody likes a pop-up on a website. They used to open up a plethora of windows on your desktop but these days this type are mostly automatically stopped by your browser. More recently though they appear within the page itself […]