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We have all heard the term ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ right? That is because images are powerful. They talk to us just as much as the written word does. Did you know that we process images 60,000 times faster than words? So no doubt images themselves are a great tool to grab our attention as we scroll through our news feed. While we only remember 10% of what is written or said (think about what you remember from your social media scrolls this morning), images make a stronger impact on our memory than what a caption does.


What is curated content?

Curating content for your social media simply means to gather up content from a variety of sources that will suit the look of your brand. Making a collection of images, quotes, videos and blogs is just the beginning! Your collection of content will essentially project what your brand is all about to your audience. Your images are important, remember we don’t focus on words, we focus on pictures. You can leave a longer lasting impression through the imagery you would like to associate with your brand.


How to curate

  • Use high quality pictures
  • Be selective
  • Categorise your content
  • Re-share others posts (don’t forget to credit them!)
  • Find stock photography on Unsplash or Shutterstock
  • Edit your images using Photoshop or Elements


What are the benefits of curated content?

Curating content is highly beneficial to a brand. It will keep your brand relevant to followers and potential clients. It is also valuable for…


Maintaining communication with your audience:

Regular imagery or updates reinforce what your brand is all about. When people find your image in their news feed you want to draw them in, inspire them or interest them. What you don’t want is to turn them away. Your images are not only a great way to inspire your audience, but also a great way to inform them.


Expresses your expertise:

What a perfect way to show off your knowledge and expertise! The images you choose and create will reflect what you know about the nature of your service. By using these you will build a trusting and positive relationship with your audience and show them that you know your work and that your passion is invested in your service. Afterall, clients are more inclined to seek your service if they trust you.


Expressing your creativity:

Just how creative you are will express you or your brands personality to clients and that is what we want them to see. Have a think about what you’d like your clients to see. What would you like your images to reflect? A professional, clean and polished look? Or something more vibrant and fun? Look to the social media of your favourite businesses if you need some inspiration, before collecting images that stand out for you.


Grow your network:

The purpose of your images and social media content is to appeal to your followers and customers. However, this is also how you catch the eye of potential customers who are browsing through their social media. Because like you, customers want to be inspired, and they use platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest to find that inspiration. With its power to grab attention, you can find potential customers being drawn to your service just by the images you chose to upload.


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