Search Marketing.

Paid advertising through Google Adwords.

Hire us as your Digital Marketing WIngman  

Get results fast.

If you need to get your business visible online fast, Google Adwords is a great option. Target users searching for your products and services and appear at the top of search pages, effective immediately.

The trick? Doing it cost effectively and actually converting those clicks into paying customers. It’s not just about the ad. The page the ad goes to is just as important.

On average users of Google Adwords get nearly $2 profit back from every $1 they spend on advertising.


Intelligent campaigns that attract qualified leads.

Pixeld can generate campaigns that target customers correctly and maximise your conversion rate.

Whilst some campaigns are straight forward and link customers to your business in one step, others might require a more intelligent marketing funnel.

We can develop smart campaigns with multiple pathways that not only nurture your leads, but qualify them so you aren’t wasting time selling to uninterested customers.

Maximise conversions with remarketing.

It’s well known in the marketing world that customers make contact multiple times with a business before making a decision.

Pixeld can track users that were on your website researching your business and feed highly targeted adds to them for a period of time. You might show the exact product they were looking at, or provide an offer they can’t resist to come back and complete their purchase.

It’s a tactic known as ‘remarketing’ and it will give you the best return on investment you’ve ever seen, by far.

Get a Digital Marketing Wingman.

Pixeld can help your business with search marketing and a range of other digital marketing activities with our Digital Marketing Wingman package. Each month we analyse and then take action to capitalise on marketing opportunities online.

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