Social Marketing.

Targeted content across appropriate social media channels.

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The future of marketing is social.

Traditional marketing is failing most businesses these days because the attention is on social media. Most people either fast forward commercials or pick up their phone to check social media whilst they wait. Magazine and newspaper distribution has been on the decline for a number of years.

Exploring social media channels is almost engrained into our daily life rituals. We are attuned to filtering through social feeds to find content that takes our interest. With the explosive growth of platforms like Instagram and Snapchat and their various media delivery formats, social media is sure to continue to deliver massive marketing potential if utilised well.

Social media strategy.

Unlike some marketing channels, social media is driven by genuinely interesting content, not by sales offers. Direct sales pitches are detected immediately and fail miserably. Creative content, genuine discussion and a bit of fun are key elements to a successful social campaign.

Coupled with demographic targeting, social media has the potential to reach a very precise audience. Not only do you yield a better return on your advertising investment, but you are attracting the exact customer type you want.

Work with us to develop a strategy that maximises your marketing efforts. Drive attention to your business by targeting the appropriate channels with the appropriate tactics.

Social Media Advertising.

We focus on genuine customer leads, not impressions or likes or any of the other vanity metrics. We’re in a new era of marketing where you can choose to market to as specific a demographic as ’25-30 year old females that live in Melbourne, own a business and like to play tennis’. You’re offering can be so tailored that the target audience can’t say no. Try doing that with traditional marketing methods and watch your return on investment.

We can create engaging campaigns that will attract your audience’s attention and not be filtered out by their automatic ‘mental spam filter’. We then split test your campaigns to see which ones work best, and then focus and refine. At the end, you will have a calculated return on investment and a cost per conversion so you can decide how aggressive you want to be going forward.

Get a Digital Marketing Wingman.

Pixeld can help your business with social marketing and a range of other digital marketing activities with our Digital Marketing Wingman package. Each month we analyse and then take action to capitalise on marketing opportunities online.

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