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Social Marketing

Can your voice be heard amongst all of the noise on social media? Explore where your audience likes to hang out and what they want to see.

Social Media Marketing
Gain the attention of your audience

The future of marketing is social

Traditional marketing is failing most businesses these days because the attention is on social media.

Most people either fast forward commercials or pick up their phone to check social media whilst they wait. Magazine and newspaper distribution has been on the decline for a number of years.

Exploring social is almost ingrained into our daily life rituals. We are attuned to filtering through social feeds to find content that takes our interest. With the explosive growth of platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, social media is sure to continue to deliver massive marketing potential if utilised well.

What's the plan?

Social media strategy

Unlike some marketing channels, social media is driven by genuinely interesting content, not by sales offers.

Direct sales pitches are detected immediately and fail miserably. Creative content, genuine discussion and a bit of fun are key elements to a successful social campaign.

Coupled with demographic targeting, social media has the potential to reach a very precise audience. Not only do you yield a better return on your advertising investment, but you are attracting the exact customer type you want.

Work with us to develop a strategy that maximises your marketing efforts.

Get in front of your audience

Social Media Advertising

We focus on genuine customer leads, not impressions or likes or any of the other vanity metrics.

The major benefit of social media advertising is the ability to target a specific audience. You get to choose the demographics of your ideal customer and can tailor your offer to speak directly to that audience.

Pixeld create engaging campaigns that attract your audience’s attention. We test multiple versions of your ads to determine which performs best and then calculate your return on investment so you can make informed decisions on your marketing budget.

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Pixeld can help your business with social marketing and a range of other digital marketing activities with our Digital Marketing Wingman package. Each month we analyse and then take action to capitalise on marketing opportunities online.