Does live video work for business?

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It’s easy to ignore that live video icon that is staring us down on our own personal social media accounts. You may have noticed platforms such as Facebook and Instagram give us the option of filming a video and live streaming it for all to see. Gone are the days where you can only be a newsreader on TV to be able to do a live broadcast. That ability is in everyone’s hands now, including yours! Let’s have a think about how live video can assist our businesses and what makes it one of the biggest trends of 2019.


The reach of a live video can stretch to millions of users around the world. Which means higher awareness of your content and your brand. Live video is for all to see and can allow you to capture the attention of other businesses or customers across the globe. The ability to reach a wider audience is due to there being no physical or geographical restriction on your broadcast.

This works well for increasing your brand awareness, web presence and promoting word-of-mouth about your products or services.

Engaging content:

According to Facebook, live stream videos are watched by 78% of users who spend more time watching them and comment 10 times more on them. Video content is a great way to attract eyes. Studies show that images are far more powerful than words when it comes to your audience remembering them, or wanting to spend time viewing them for that matter. This can also be said for video marketing. Live video becomes more engaging for viewers as it allows them to interact (by commenting on the video) with those in the video. Which those in the video can then respond to during their broadcast.

Strengthen brand/customer bond:

The live video format allows a two-way connection between viewer and brand. The real-time interaction enhances your relationship with your audience because it is as though they are right there with you. You can immediately answer their questions, or laugh at any silly jokes they comment. This is a great way of gaining your audience’s trust and building a connection that is hard to build through an email.

Need some inspiration?

So what are some ideas for live videos that you can try out? The possibilities are endless. Have a think about what is relevant for your audience and what they would be interested in seeing. Don’t be afraid to try numerous live video ideas and see what your audience responds best to. You might like to try the following:

  • Host a Q & A
  • Record a live event
  • Mini tutorials
  • Interview chats
  • Talk about your new blog
  • Explain and present one of your products
  • Debut your latest product
  • Show ‘behind the scenes’

Most important of all, have fun! Live videos can show off some goofy moments and that’s ok, because that is what people like about them. They get to see the human behind the social media, the one they would see if they were with you face-to-face.

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