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Get the most out of Google Adwords


Traditional print media is dead.

The number of internet users exceeded the number of newspaper readers worldwide back in 2010, and the gap is growing rapidly.

If you’re like me, you don’t like to throw money down the drain. Yet most businesses throw money at Google Adwords without actually considering what their ROI (return on investment) is, or how to optimise their campaigns to get the most value. Simply assigning an Adwords budget per month and hoping for the best is wasting your hard earned dollars. Google Adwords is the most measurable advertising platform available, allowing you to accurately calculate to the cent your ROI and scale your budget appropriately.

A recent survey found that the average cost per thousand impressions (known as CPM) for direct mail marketing was $57, newspapers $16, radio $10 and Google Adwords just $1.44. They’re figures you can’t really argue with. Adding to that is the fact that you are targeting users that need your product or service at that very moment, rather than when they are reading the paper at breakfast.

Some awesome statistics you might also consider

  • Businesses make on average $2 of revenue for every $1 spent on Adwords
  • The average click through rate for an Adwords ad is 3.16%
  • If you’re in the first ad spot the average click through rate is 7.94%
  • 70% of mobile searches call a business directly from Google search
  • Google’s display ads reach 80% of internet users worldwide

Why you need landing pages for your Adwords campaigns

By creating continuity between your ad and the pages that users are taken to, you can tailor an offer to a very specific target audience and in turn increase your conversion rate. It’s quite common for a landing page to convert 300% more than a standard website link.

Some key tips for creating landing pages for your ads are

  • Always ensure the content on your landing page is directly relevant to your ad text and keyword.
  • Make it quick and easy to find the product or service mentioned in your ad.
  • Write content on landing pages for humans, NOT for search engines. No need to keyword stuff here.
  • Show that you understand the problems faced by your customer, and that your product or service solves them.
  • Point out to the user why your product or service is the best. This could be price, quality, turn around time. Back it up with client testimonials.
  • If possible strip out any unnecessary content or navigation. You have a hot lead that’s ready to purchase, you do not want to distract them with another product they don’t need right now.

Get selling

With a little bit of planning and effort you can get so much more from your Adwords campaigns and start seeing some serious returns. Good luck!