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Google Review Link Generator

Make it easy to give your business a review on Google

Don't expect your customers to work it out for themselves when you are asking for a favour. Get a direct link for them to write a review for you.

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Why should I be asking for Google Reviews?

There are many reasons why you should be asking for more Google Reviews. They can give businesses a big credibility boost without actually costing any money apart from the time involved asking for them. Here are three core reasons to start asking.

Social proof

Nothing increases brand trust more than social proof, that is other people stating how good your product or service is. Trust is a critical factor when attracting new customers.

Feedback loop

Reviews give you valuable intelligence on what your customers really appreciated from your business. Sometimes they might completely ignore what you thought was the main benefit.

Local SEO

Google loves providing the best, most highly rated business listings when it comes to local search. According to Moz, roughly 9% of Google’s entire search algorithm is driven by review signals.

How to ask for a Google Review

For small business Google Reviews can be few and far between, unless you ask. When asking your customers for a Google Review via email make your message as clear as possible with simple instructions on what you would like them to do. Using the link generator above makes it much easier for your customer to jump straight into writing their review.

Make the email personal. If it looks like a generic message then it’s more easily ignored. Start of by mentioning a personal interaction or event that has occured between you. Asking a question further obliges your customer to respond. The more personal the better.

It also pays to mention how appreciative you are of not only them taking time out to leave you a review, but also just to have their business in the first place. Mention you love improving your service and your business thrives on demonstrating how much you love your customers.

When to ask for a Google Review

It’s important to ask your customers for a Google Review when they are at their most positive moment with your business. You might have just delivered a service to them, or something has arrived in the post. You might also just have achieved something for them. This is the time to strike when the iron is hot. Your customer will feel the most obliged for this small favour in return for the good work you have done for them.

If you leave it too long, perhaps that positive memory might have faded. Maybe things have changed in their business or life. By asking down the track out of nowhere, you have no idea if they are thinking positively or negatively in general. They might feel less obliged to take the time to help you out, so you might have to offer something in return for the favour.

It goes without saying that you should never ask for a Google Review from a customer that has had a negative experience.

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Need help with your digital marketing?

Google Reviews should be a part of any business’s digital marketing strategy. It shows social proof of your business reputation and is a search engine ranking factor. Pixeld helps businesses grow with  performance marketing strategies and campaigns. Find out more about our service and how much it costs.

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