How you can benefit from video marketing

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Are you tossing up whether your business can benefit from video marketing? Having the resources to create and use video content can be as simple as checking into your social media accounts and using them for your creations.

Promoting your business through video content marketing is a sure fire way to benefit you AND your business. Why? Because it is a highly engaging form of content that will grab peoples attention as they scroll through their social media or search through Google.

As audience members, we remember 10% of what is written or said in text. Images are much more powerful and we as audience members process them 60,000 times faster than words. Due to us processing visuals faster, they are in turn more effective to get your desired message across. Businesses benefit from video marketing in the following ways.


Video content builds trust with your audience:

Your audience and potential customers want to be drawn to the human side of your business just as much as your products or service. Showing off your personality in your ‘about us’ page is a great way to start this, however, so is the use of your social media platforms. Video content is a great way to encourage a trusting relationship with your audience. You can reflect your personality as well as your expertise and knowledge on your service or talent. This is an effective way for customers to get to know you and make them feel comfortable in approaching you. This is also a great opportunity to show your audience the passion you have for the service you are providing, and just how good you are at it!


Video content can boost your online presence:

To increase the chances of potential customers finding you, the more places you can be found online the better. If you are working to increase your visibility online, you can achieve this by including how-to videos on your website, content on your social media or entries on your Youtube channel. This is the prime opportunity to get creative and showcase your passion and expertise, all the while encouraging sharing through social media and word-of-mouth. Video just so happens to be the most shared content on social media, which makes now a great time for you to get started on those videos.


Video provides efficient communication with others:

Video is a much more effective way to convey your messages. Sure, your message can be written down in text, but video messages are received and processed by the audience faster. This makes it a whole lot easier for audiences to receive your message and to remember it! In return, you can effectively reflect your service in a fast and easy way. Video makes it a whole lot easier for you to communicate to your audience, which will in turn make them feel more comfortable contacting you.


Video content can improve search rankings:

While they engage the audience and draw them in, videos can also prove effective for your search engine rankings. Google uses the length of time visitors spend on a site to evaluate whether they find what they are looking for when they search particular key words. When visitors are watching videos on your site, Google recognises this as them receiving information that appeals to them and that they find helpful. This can be of help to you moving up in search results rankings.


It’s an enjoyable experience:

Facebook has recently tested a new concept called Facebook Premieres, which enables users to post pre-recorded content as live footage. This now enables those who view it to engage with the video as though it were live. Live video reaches a larger audience on Facebook, meaning   this is definitely a feature to consider when creating your own social media content.


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