Is it time to make my own podcast?

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Podcasts are making their way back into the spotlight. It is a growing trend amongst people of all ages to listen to podcasts on their way to work or at the gym during their workout. And that is exactly why we love them! They are a tool of education or entertainment that we can listen to anywhere, while we are doing anything. And they can be about literally anything! Could your business benefit from making a podcast show for your audience? Or are you looking to further your professional growth? Take a look at the following benefits…

It’s personal: Many love podcasts because the content created is communicated directly to them. It is as though they are listening in on a conversation or being spoken to by the podcast host directly. It feels like it is just you and the podcasts hosts that are in the conversation, which makes it a more intimate experience than say watching a tv show. An added benefit is that anyone can make podcasts and provide that experience for their audience.

Informative: This could well be the main reason people use podcasts. We all want information, we want to learn and we want to continue growing. Podcasts can be made about ANY topic. They are a great way to start a conversation and you could start one. Building trust with your audience requires demonstrating your expertise and showing them you are good at what you do. Making a podcast on a topic you could teach others, is a unique and creative way to do that.

Easy to consume: Once you subscribe to a podcast channel, new podcasts are automatically downloaded to your device when they become available. Which means you won’t have to worry about chasing up and downloading new episodes. Winning! This is one very big reason why people love podcasts.

Time-effective communication: These days it can feel like there is never enough time to do anything. We find ourselves multi-tasking at the best of times. Podcasts are easy to listen to and we can do so whilst we are getting other stuff done. They can be listened to on the way to work, from work, or when we’re doing things around the home. Which means listeners save time and are more productive.If you could be entertained so easily while you were going about your daily tasks, wouldn’t you?

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