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My lead generation strategy. The shocking truth. Part 2 of 2.


So last week I told you how I used branding, my website, blog posting, video content and Google Adwords as part of my lead generation strategy. Not everything worked for me, and some things unexpectedly worked well. What’s important for me is to realise that 3 months is actually quite a small sample, particularly for a new business. Just because something was successful doesn’t guarantee it will continue to be, so for that reason I’ll be sticking to a diverse digital strategy.

On to the other tactics…


Through Google Adwords, remarketing is when you place a bit of code on your website to track visitors to your website. You can then run banner ads to those users for a specified period of time across Google’s display ad network. This reminds anyone who has ever investigated your website before to come back and perhaps finalise a decision. It’s also great for giving potential clients the impression you are massive, as to the uninitiated you appear to be advertising everywhere.

You can get quite specific if you want with remarketing. For example I could show social media ads to users that visited my social media section on my website. I decided I’m in a brand awareness phase and kept my ads generic and/or about websites.

My banner ads have been displayed over 54,000 times and resulted in over 100 people coming back to the website at a cost of $166. The website return visits are great, but I can’t count the number of people that have said ‘wow you are everywhere at the moment’. Not a direct sales generator, but definitely increasing my brand awareness and at that low a cost, an amazing tactic that I think almost everyone should be taking up.


One of the best value for money advertising products on the market is Facebook Ads. The best part about it is the demographic targeting. I’ve been pushing my digital marketing tips videos and blog posts to small business owners (either they indicate they own a business or they own a Facebook business page), within twenty-five kilometers of the Geelong CBD. Sometimes if my videos were under a minute I pushed them to Instagram also. The idea was to get my face to as many local business owners as possible, not to generate an immediate sell, but to build trust should I get a further opportunity to speak to someone.

I’ve spent maybe close to $1000 on Facebook advertising. I don’t believe any sales enquiries have resulted from these ads, but I never expected them to. They weren’t ‘salesy’ as there was no offer. I’ve achieved that and will be scaling this spend back until I come up with some actual sales offers that I can target a particular audience with.


I’ve never been massive on Insta’. I’m just outside of the Instagram user demographic. But I have made a point of making sure I post content there. It is definitely a challenge as working at a computer isn’t the most visual vocation, but I’ve tried a range of image types from office shots, to events and inspirational quotes.

Slowly building an audience but a lot of the followers are overseas or spammy. It’s a nice to have, but not a prime focus for me at the moment.


I’m in two minds as to whether to distribute my articles on LinkedIn’s platform, or just link back to the article on my website. My heart says I should use the native functions of the platform. My head thinks this isn’t going to gain me much. LinkedIn has become very noisy, filled with spam. I’m not sure it’s that easy to build an audience on LinkedIn these days.

I must admit, I need to spend more time investigating how to get more out of LinkedIn and even the pay to play advertising they offer. In theory it should be great in the B2B space.

Minimal input and therefore minimal results.


I am almost ready to attack Snapchat head on. I think you need to pretty confident and entertaining to have a successful Snapchat profile. I’ve held off from pushing Snapchat, but with nearly 30 videos down, a speaking gig booked in July and my networking skills starting to form you might see my Snap code appearing on the Pixeld website soon (user: pixelddigital).


Another area I haven’t been strong in. Geelong has so much more opportunity for business networking than when I was last running my business. You could book two or three breakfasts or after five events every week if you really wanted to. I think it’s great, but they definitely aren’t all created equal. Some have some amazing staff that are very welcoming, others don’t. Not that they are bad, it’s just harder to break in. My lesson so far has been not to hesitate in the less welcoming rooms. You have to be the initiator.

I think networking is a long game. You’re not going to gain business from one event, but over time you will build trust and if not gain business, at least some industry connections that might help along the way.

The real winner

So out of all of these tactics, what was the best? Without doubt remarketing was the best value for money. For building my brand awareness to a very targeted audience, you just can’t beat Facebook advertising. For building trust and even just personal development, creating video content has been very beneficial.

But all of these tactics I consider ‘facilitators’. They give me a stronger punch when the opportunity arises, and that opportunity is word of mouth. Nothing builds trust more than a referral. Close to 80% of my business has come about through a referral from a client, friend or family member. The only way to continue receiving referrals is to produce great work that exceeds client expectations. Without this, your referrer has egg on their face and your referrals dry up. There is no magic formula for lead generation if your product doesn’t speak for itself.

It’s not the easy answer everyone seeks, but it’s the truth that deep down you already know.