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My lead generation strategy. The shocking truth. Part 1 of 2.


So when Pixeld rebranded early this year I was excited. I was about to get back in the game. Start practising what I preach again. I truly enjoy the challenge of applying digital marketing tactics that sometimes fail, but sometimes win. The wins are of course great, but it’s the failures that actually motivate me more.

So the following are the methods I’ve implemented so far, with a brief summary of how it’s going. Then I’ll give you the net result of all of this and what’s winning me the most business. Bare in mind that Pixeld is B2B (business to business) so these tactics may or may not apply to you. Everyone is different.


I have to be honest. I didn’t put as much emphasis on branding as you might expect. Reputation is bigger in this industry. A ‘good enough’ name was ok with me, likewise for the logo. What I did though was ensure that my brand was consistent throughout my website, printed materials and signage at the office. I’ve also been quoted saying ‘nobody window shops for a website’. I invested around $600 in signage that I mostly setup myself.

Office signage has been noticed by foot traffic in the street that has resulted in business.


Of course a web developer must focus on their website. For a lot of developers this often gets the least attention, especially when you are scrambling to get clients, and then do some actual paying work. There is definitely a lot of work yet to be done on the website but I focused mostly on the home page and primary services I offer. After a couple of months I noticed that a lot of traffic was hitting the ‘About Us‘ page so obviously people were curious about the business. I quickly gave that some more attention.

Regular enquiry form submissions asking for quotes or reviews of existing websites that has resulted in business.

Blog posting

Any digital marketer will tell you that content creation is the foundation of lead generation and positioning. From the very start I’ve ensured I create a blog post every week. It’s sometimes a challenge, and some take longer to write than others. But it’s now a ritual. It’s been a great experience to articulate my knowledge, but also research a bit more too to expand my topic range.

I can’t directly attribute any new business to a blog, however it has generated organic search traffic and a library of content that I can refer potential clients to and position myself as an industry authority.

Video content

My family and friends know I hate the camera. Lots of people do. I had to get over it. Video content consumption is far exceeding written articles. Again, I made it a ritual. Two short form videos every week. The production side of things was quite easy for me, but speaking to camera was not. I’m slowly getting better with it and as I become more comfortable the goal is to make them more entertaining and not just ‘passable’. The vast majority of my video views occur on Facebook as I have a small audience there and am yet to build one on Youtube.

Again, I can’t directly attribute any new business coming from a video, however any potential clients can see I have published a bunch of digital marketing tips on Youtube and Facebook. This hopefully gives me an edge over a competitor providing a proposal without a public face.

Google Adwords

So I’ve pumped maybe $1000 into Google Adwords for simple terms in the local area. My theory was to focus local for now and try to get as much exposure as possible to a smaller audience. My industry is fairly competitive so the cost per click is quite high, but my customer lifetime value is quite high so I can afford a fairly high cost per conversion.

A small amount of enquiries have been generated by Adwords, however none have lead to any business. I suspect a lot of competitors like to click each others ads to check them out, and that the trust given to Google Adwords results isn’t that high for digital marketing.

To be continued next week

Next week I’ll go into re-marketing, social media and even networking. Then I’ll give you the real winner for what’s getting me the most business. If you’re going to forget this, why don’t you subscribe to my newsletter up the top right and I’ll make sure you get it!