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Heating & cooling supplier

North West Heating & Cooling are specialists in installing effective and efficient home heating and cooling solutions. Their team supplies high end systems in complex home and commercial builds. The excel at the challenging jobs that other installers won’t touch.

Pixeld were enaged to develop a new website that would establish North West as an industry leader, and then a subsequent digital marketing campaign that would generate a steady stream of leads.


Pixeld have created an amazing website and digital marketing campaign for our business which has generated an amazing amount of website leads and enquiries.

Lauren Betts

Lauren Betts
North West Heating and Cooling - Owner

The result

The new website makes it easy for users researching potential heating and cooling options to find what they need.

Combined with a Google Ads and ongoing content and search engine optimisation efforts, the sales team receive a consistent flow of phone, email and quote request enquiries. The website dominates local search engine rankings, and the paid advertising cost per lead is exceptionally low.

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