Hey what’s going on everybody? I’m Nathan George and this is Digital Marketing Tip #054 and it’s the second of my online business startup ideas.

So if you have some sort of industry specific knowledge that perhaps other people want to know more about you can convert that knowledge into an additional revenue stream with an online course.

So if you’re an accountant you might be able to create a course on completing your tax returns. If you’re a lawyer you might do one on how to set up a new company. Or a builder might even do one on how to build a deck.

All you need is a camera and to film some short form videos and then structure it all together into some kind of small, easy and fun course.

From that point on it’s passive income. You don’t have to do much more. You’ve set it up and you can just watch the sales come in.

But the really successful courses engage with the students. So you might offer private messaging, or maybe some group webinars to jump in and learn more together. Or maybe one on one conversations. But they’re the ones that take it from being a side hobby to an actual business. The course becomes a business of it’s own.

But the worst case scenario. Say if you don’t sell many entries into your course it’s a fantastic marketing tool because you’re positioning yourself as a knowledge expert in your industry. So people will be thinking wow this guy knows what he’s talking about, he actually runs a course, he teaches on this topic.