Hey what’s going on everybody? I’m Nathan George and for the next few videos I’m going to be giving you some ideas for starting an online business on a budget.

It goes with a blog post I’ve written this week called the $200 startup club. So for Digital Marketing Tip #053 the first idea is the t-shirt business.

Now the t-shirt business has been done to death. But the key to success is to have a niche topic with some really unique designs.

Previously the challenge has been though that you needed to invest a lot of money up front to actually buy your stock. Then you weren’t even sure if you’d be able to sell that stock.

There’s a company called Printful which has fixed this problem by, they basically offer to print your garments on demand but then ship them to your customers directly with your shipping labels.

So all you need to actually do is come up with the designs and then sell the products from your website.

There’s even a great plugin for WordPress that takes the orders from your website and automatically feeds them into their production system. So there’s absolutely zero work. You don’t even have to forward on any orders. It’s all automatic.

All you need to do is watch your bank account basically coming in.

So i’ll give you the link to Printful ( in the description and of course if you need any help with WordPress and setting up that plugin let me know, you can get me on Facebook.

But it’s a great business idea. Apart from setting up your website there’s absolutely zero dollars outlaid.