Hey what’s going on everybody? I’m Nathan George and this is Digital Marketing Tip #056 and in the last few days Twitter have released a new version of their app that includes live video streaming.

So this is obviously to compete with all the other social media networks that are doing this now in particular Facebook live video.

So when you go to make a post now you do the usual post with a hashtag but on the right hand side there’s a new icon to start a live video stream.

Now one of the little tricks that you can do at the moment is go to search and find the latest trending tags and start up a post, a live video stream for that trending tag and you’ll actually be at the top of that feed. So they’re trying to obviously prioritise this new feature to get it as much exposure as possible.

But at the moment you know, anyone can really get to the top of the most popular tags.

So check it out. It’s Twitter live video. It’s a fantastic way of getting some big exposure.