Why you don’t need to make your logo bigger

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There’s one question every web designer will have heard multiple times in their career, “can you make my logo bigger?”. Often for a business owner a logo is their pride and joy. A representation of their goals and hard work that they can display on business cards, their car and all types of marketing. So why would a web designer want to stifle this love and not make their logo the most important thing on their website?

It can be tough for a designer to tell you, after all you are paying their bills. But a good one will tell you. So rather than see another designer roll their eyes, here are some of the reasons why a web designer would do this to you. Check your logo ego at the door.

Nobody loves your logo as much as you

Yes you may have spent countless hours perfecting the typeface, colours and symbol of your logo to perfectly convey your brand. It might make you happy at night knowing that you finally have that logo nailed perfectly. That’s awesome, it’s a good feeling. It’s good to be proud of your brand.

Your customer does not share this feeling with you. The customer is concerned about their problems and how to solve them. Now a good logo can certainly help the customer believe you are a professional, trustworthy company. But after that initial, first impression ‘micro-decision’, the logo is probably the last thing on their mind.


A large logo is the equivalent of writing your entire website in caps. We get it, we get it. When you walk into a department store does a sales representative come up to you and scream in your face what store you are in?

Your message is not made any stronger by screaming it out loud. In fact it’s probably having the opposite effect.

Not everyone is going for the sophisticated, capable look I get that. But unless you are the clearance outlet, with make shift signs and a dodgey guy constantly blaring out the promotions on a mega phone, it’s not a good look.

It’s a waste of valuable space

The header of your website is extremely important. It’s the part of the website that users will see on every page load, first.

It’s usually where clear and easy to follow navigation sits. There might be details on how to get in touch with you quickly. There might even be some important messages or offers (particularly on e-commerce websites). These elements are critical to the ease of use and success of your website.

Is having customers see a big logo more important than these factors? Ahh, no.

Use consistency to convey your brand

Rather than belt people in the face with that wopping logo when they first land on your website, use your logo consistently throughout your website, social media, pay per click advertising and printed marketing. Combined with actually providing what the customers wants and needs, a consistent brand will be far more memorable than that poor attempt to ram your logo in their face.

Subtlety is best.

If you still insist

Your designer should explain to you the reasons behind their design choices and why they have sized your logo the way they have. Understand that if you still insist on going against your designers professional advice, they may not be happy to promote your website as their work and might not even want to work with you at all. Put some faith in their design skills, after all that’s what you are paying them for.

Failing that, you can always purchase some ‘make my logo bigger cream’.



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