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Pixeld helps businesses grow smarter by enhancing their digital marketing efforts with practical and results-focused strategies.

Our services are tailored to deliver creative solutions that are not only designed to capture your audience’s interest but also to provide clear, measurable benefits to your business.

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Get more leads and customers

We’re highly passionate about digital marketing and how we can implement growth in our client’s businesses in Geelong, Melbourne and across Australia. We give business owners access to the latest strategies and tactics and are constantly looking for new opportunities in a wide variety of digital marketing channels.

Our service partners businesses with Pixeld, to explore those opportunities each month, get things done and start seeing real business growth.

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Focus on what generates growth

Let us help take your business to the next level (and beyond). Our hollistic approach to digital marketing builds momentum for your business growth. We’ll develop a solid strategy to nurture your customers through the three key phases of the buyer journey.

  • Attract

    The first step is to create assets that attract people to your business. People that haven’t heard of you before but are looking to solve a problem.

  • Engage

    Next you will want to provide value to these new eyes. It’s less about being a salesperson, and more about being helpful when people need it most.

  • Delight

    Providing an amazing experience through the buyer journey right through to how you deliver your product or service generates advocates that scream your praises.

Why our digital marketing works

You might want to be generating new sales leads, converting sales or just getting eyes on your brand. We’ll track that progress. We make our decisions based on data so that we aren’t lead by hunches or pre-conceived ideas.

Defined Goals

We work with you to establish meaningful, business changing, but achievable goals so can we put in place the necessary actions to get there.

Regular Activity

We’ll setup a plan to keep your marketing efforts firing consistently, using your resources or ours. The steps are clear and aimed towards your goals.

Measurable Results

Detailed tracking will be implemented so we have all the data we need to work out who, when and how customers are interacting with your business.

The Visibility Guarantee

Your success is our priority

At Pixeld, we stand by our commitment to enhancing your business’s online visibility. With our Visibility Guarantee, we assure you that our strategies and efforts will result in tangible improvements in your online presence.

If, within the agreed-upon timeframe, you do not see a measurable increase in your business’s visibility across relevant online channels, we will continue our efforts at no additional cost until the agreed upon results are achieved.


We’ll be by your side

Month to month we will analyse, review and revise your digital marketing efforts to ensure you are getting the greatest possible return on our investment.

Every month you will speak with a digital marketing expert, analysing results and reviewing goals and direction.  We’re passionate about collecting data and demonstrating the effectiveness of your digital marketing in a clear and understandable way.

“They go out of their way to understand what your business requires and where you want to take your business.”
Sanchia Hewines – Wallmark

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing allows for more granular targeting of your customers, the cost is scalable to the size of the business, the results are highly measurable and you can engage with your customers on a deeper level. We of course love digital marketing, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for traditional marketing for some of our clients. Typically, traditional marketing is great for brand awareness campaigns. Digital marketing allows us to map out the customer journey and really tailor the experience to who they are and what they need.

On an hourly rate basis, a digital marketing agency will be more expensive than the cost of an employee. The monthly or annual cost might work out to be cheaper though.

When you hire a digital marketing agency you are gaining access to a team of experts that specialise in their given field. When hiring an employee you might be expecting a unicorn to land in your lap that is skilled in all facets of digital marketing (let us know when you find one).

Digital marketing can be defined as any activity online, but for us, it includes website development, content creation (website, blogs, resources), social media channels, paid advertising, video creation, customer relationship management, email marketing and more. Quite a lot hey? That’s why our service is delivered by experts in these areas.

How much you spend on digital marketing depends on a couple of factors including your growth goals and your profit margins. That’s not to mention what you can actually afford to spend. An old piece of advice used to be to spend 10% of your revenue on marketing. Nowadays we are a bit more calculated and would need to gather a bit more information from you before we could determine a recommended budget.

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