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If you want to grow your business, you need a digital marketing wingman.

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Get the most bang for your buck.

We’re highly passionate about digital marketing and how we can implement growth in our client’s businesses. Each client we take on is someone we feel we can add lasting value to and enjoy an ongoing mutual relationship with.

We’re constantly looking for new opportunities for our clients through a variety of digital channels. So we came up with our ‘Digital Marketing Wingman’ service that partners your business with Pixeld to explore those opportunities each month.

We’ll be by your side.

Month to month we will analyse, review and revise your digital marketing efforts to ensure you are getting the greatest possible return on our investment. We record data from your website and marketing campaigns and make informed decisions based on best practice principles.

Every month you will speak with a digital marketing expert, analysing results and reviewing goals and direction.  This regular review and alignment is a critical step in the partnership. We’re passionate about collecting data and demonstrating the effectiveness of your digital marketing in a clear and understandable way.

Choose from a range of digital marketing activities.

It can be hard to decide what marketing activity is most important to your business. Not only that, committing to each one all at once can be a costly exercise.

The Digital Marketing Wingman allows you to commit to a monthly marketing budget and tackle various activities on a priority basis. Your account manager will advise on the most effective way of reaching your goals but you have the option of quickly changing focus if need be. Your marketing will become more agile, allowing you to move on opportunities quicker.

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