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Digital Marketing Strategy

Pixeld can help you identify the digital marketing channels you should focus on to get more customers.


Where to focus?

A digital strategy assesses your current digital assets, identifies your business goals and gives you a solid direction for your online marketing efforts.

Too often we see people throwing money into Google Ads or social media, without actually knowing why. A digital strategy can turn that around.

It’s important to identify where you will get the best return on your investment. We take a holistic view of all channels including web, search, paid advertising, social and content marketing. We develop a plan that will give you easy to understand, actionable steps to take your business to the next level.

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Set the foundations for your marketing

A digital marketing strategy process takes a step back and actually defines the what and why of every activity you will undertake. Focusing your efforts on what really matters to achieve your goals results in a much better outcome.


It’s important to understand what your point of difference is, who your product or service is best suited to and what influences those people to make decisions and take action.


Defining goals can be a tricky step that can feel a bit like a guess but goals determine the amount of activity you need, and can demonstrate how far you have come when reviewed down the track.


Your existing assets are often the best starting point. What is or has worked for you so far, and what hasn’t. An audit can also identify gaps where we need to lift your game.

Data based approach

Our strategies are based on research

Our team are well on top of the latest technology and marketing strategies and only implement tactics based on proven results.

But every industry and business is different. It’s important to accurately track and measure the performance of your campaigns so that you can make educated decisions on direction and spend.

Pixeld can implement reporting based on metrics that are important to your business.

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Do you need a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Pixeld can help your business with lead generation and a range of other digital marketing activities with our Digital Marketing Wingman package. Each month we analyse and then take action to capitalise on marketing opportunities online. You can certainly get in touch with us to discuss further, but perhaps you can start with our free assessment tool.

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