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Long lasting, powerful SEO results

Good search engine optimisation doesn’t just focus on rankings. The real goal is getting more qualified traffic to your site. Our search engine optimisation is performed in an up front and honest manner. We believe in implementing long lasting results for our clients utilising best practice, Google recommended strategies.

We make no false promises, getting great search engine rankings is hard work. With a long term strategy you can reap the rewards of organic, qualified traffic to your website that continues to grow your digital marketing and business.

Content SEO Marketing

A large part of an SEO strategy is creating valuable content for topics that users are actively searching for. We undertake a thorough research phase to indentify what topics should be written about on your website and then define a content strategy that will grow your SEO results.

It’s no longer good enough to pump out blog after blog with no real consideration of your customer. Everyone blogs. You have to create content that is better than everyone elses. Working with our SEO team and leveraging your expert knowledge we will create content that attracts customers, positions you as an industry thought leader and begins the buyer journey.

What does an SEO campaign look like?

We break down our SEO campaigns into three main stages. It’s important to get the first two stages right before spending a lot of time and money on SEO. Working with Pixeld, you not only get great marketers, but you get to work with website development experts that can build the perfect foundation for your digital marketing.

SEO Keyword Research

Anyone can rank for search phrases that are long or have no search volume. We’ll do the research to find out what keywords you should be targeting as part of your SEO campaign.

On-site SEO

Vitally important is having a website that is structured well both from a technical perspective and user experience. Content should be clear, have the right components and be easy to navigate

Off-site SEO

Once you have the fundamentals in place the real path to success is building the authority of your website in Google’s eyes by ensuring your content is distributed online.

Local SEO Strategy

Google is all about providing relevant results and now more than ever, local searches dominate results pages. Ensuring your website is promoted on local search comes down to a number of factors, not just your geographical location. We can work on your local SEO business signals such as your Google My Business listing, Google Reviews, business directories and a whole lot more.

Be found on maps, get more calls and clicks and ultimately get more customers with local SEO.

Why choose Pixeld for SEO?

The SEO industry can be confusing, expensive and full of salesmen promising the world.

We explain the tactics we use, and encourage our clients to be involved in the process for optimum results. It’s very easy, and gives you maximum bang for your buck.

  • Attract more customers

    We will get more qualified customers to your site. That is, users that are actually interested in and seeking your product. We do that by indetifying a users search intent.

  • Monthly reporting

    Get a clear picture of where your campaign is heading in easy to understand language and figures. We’ll show you what phrases you rank for, but also which phrases result in the most conversions.

  • Long term results

    We implement ethical strategies that achieve long term results and won’t get you into any trouble with Google. Yes it takes time and a lot of effort, but the pay off in the long run is worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does SEO take?

    Search engine optimisation is a long term marketing strategy. The goal is to generate consistent, qualified traffic for your website that allows your business to grow organically. How long it takes for your SEO campaign to start seeing results does depend on a few variables. We typically start to see results for our clients around the 3 month mark. For some clients we can get some very quick wins, and for others it can take a little longer. We always ask our clients to consider SEO as an ongoing activity for their business rather than a quick fix.

  • What actually gets a website on page one of search?

    There are literally hundreds of ranking factors that Google considers. The major components are having the right keywords, good quality unique content, optimal website structure and a great user experience. Beyond that there are many tactics to demonstrate to Google that your website is authorative and worthy of being on the front page. We can provide all of the technical elements required for a great SEO campaign, but you can focus on how to best serve your customers with information that they actually want. This is the key to good SEO.

  • What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

    SEO or search engine optimisation is the effort to appear higher in organic search results of Google. It’s typically a long term investment. SEM or search engine marketing is all about paid advertising (the results that show up the top with ‘ad’ next to them). You pay a certain amount every time someone clicks one of your ads. SEM can be used as a short term tactic to get immediate results and potentially be scaled back once your SEO starts seeing results. Both tactics have a place and are neither better or worse than the other.

  • Does my site need to be HTTPS to rank well?

    Google have pretty explicitly stated that your website needs to have a SSL certificate to be loaded over HTTPS. This adds a layer or security and trust for your website visitors, and Google heavily favours results that have this in place. Most hosting companies offer some form of SSL for free these days so there is no reason not to have it. Most browsers also now warn users if you don’t have SSL so you might be turning customers away before they can even load your website.

  • Can you guarantee SEO results?

    Nobody can guarantee rankings on Google. Beware of anyone that offers this or claims to have a special relationship with Google. We have a solid understanding of what works and what doesn’t, but even the best SEO professionals in the world don’t know exactly how the Google algorithm works. Our SEO campaigns are all about best practice, user focused strategies that are then tested and reviewed regularly to optimise your search visibility. We’re completely transparent about the work we do, and part of that is being clear that there are no guarantees.

  • What does your SEO process look like?

    When we start a SEO campaign for a client here at Pixeld we begin with keyword research. You might have some phrases in mind that you want to rank for, but it’s important to target search phrases that have a reasonable amount of volume and therefore potential to bring you business. Next we will audit your website to ensure all of the SEO fundamental are in place. We’ll begin a content strategy that identifies any gaps in your existing content and a plan to create content moving forward. Ongoing, we look at ways to promote your content so that users will find you, and Google will understand the value you provide.

  • Will blogging help my SEO?

    There’s a common understanding that blogging does help your SEO, but what most don’t realise is that your content needs to be quality and targeted. Google will not rank very highly a series of short, poorly constructed articles that users get no value from. It’s definitely more important to focus on quality over quantity, but ideally you want both. The more quality pieces of content you have on your website, the more chance you have of being found on Google.

  • Where do I put my keywords?

    It’s important not to artificially stuff keywords in your website. Google is on to this tactic and is far more clever than that these days. Google is able to understand what your website is all about via a range of other factors. Instead focus on the overall purpose of your content and write naturally for users. However it is important to clearly add what your page is about in the page title, a H1 heading, your image ‘alt’ descriptions and preferably in the first paragraph of page content.


Our business was dying but within months we have a successful business which is excelling our expectations. Pixeld created a new web site and implemented a marketing strategy. Their team have been friendly easy to communicate with and wonderful support.

Ann Cotterell
My Stubby - Owner

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