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E-commerce Websites

Boost your online sales with our e-commerce websites, engineered to enhance the shopping experience and streamline the path to purchase. With functionality that focuses on driving sales, we ensure a straightforward and rewarding customer journey, helping to solidify your online growth.

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Selling online

What makes a great e‑commerce website?

A successful e-commerce website is the cornerstone of a thriving online business, providing a frictionless shopping experience that converts visitors into loyal customers. It features intuitive navigation and responsive design, ensuring customers can shop with ease, anytime, on any device. Vibrant product imagery and compelling descriptions make products irresistible, while robust security measures safeguard transactions, fortifying customer confidence.

Intelligent search capabilities lead customers to their needs swiftly, bolstering satisfaction and increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases. Together, these features create a virtual storefront that’s not just a marketplace, but a catalyst for business growth.

A complete e-commerce solution that drives sales

Pixeld offers custom e-commerce web development to enable your business to sell products online in a secure environment backed with a solid strategy based on years of experience.

Beautiful design

E-commerce websites need to look trustworthy. We use well researched design patterns and user experience focused components, letting your products take centre stage.

Advanced functionality

Incorporate marketing and order processing tools into your website to maximise your profits such as automated email campaigns, pick and pack slips, wholesale ordering and much more.

Sales reporting

Get a detailed understanding of customer behaviour on your website, the sources they originated from and the revenue each source generated. Knowledge is power.

Driving results

Our e‑commerce website process

When developing an e-commerce website, Pixeld follows a strategic, step-by-step approach to ensure every site is tailored to the client’s specific needs and market demands. The process begins with a thorough consultation to understand the business objectives and customer base. Pixeld’s team then crafts a bespoke design, focusing on user experience and seamless functionality.

Before launch, rigorous testing is conducted to ensure flawless operation. After going live, Pixeld provides ongoing support to optimise performance, ensuring your e-commerce site continues to drive sales and growth efficiently.

Ready to discuss e‑commerce?

E-commerce websites can vary a lot depending on the number of products, type of products, user functionality, marketing functionality and back end systems. For that reason we recommend making an appointment to speak with us before we can estimate a project cost.

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