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Businesses of all sizes, from ambitious startups to established enterprises, face the challenge of attracting and retaining customers in an increasingly online-based market. A dynamic, visually appealing website is key to overcoming this hurdle, serving as a powerful tool to engage and convert visitors into loyal customers.

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Pixeld has over 20 years of experience building effective websites.

A website is the most critical element of a digital marketing strategy. With an effective website your marketing results are amplified, growing your business. With an ineffective website, you could be wasting time and money pushing potential customers to something that actually turns them away.

We explore your goals and what objectives should be put in place to achieve them.

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When you need a smart website

Your website can be considered the base camp for all of your digital marketing. It’s essential that your website is firing on all cylinders before you start directing potential customers to it. We ensure that our client’s websites stand out from the competition.

  • Uniquely crafted websites

    Our designs are created from scratch. We create wireframe sketches, design concepts then finished layouts for each project. You get to contribute to the overall aesthetic of the design.

  • Goal focused

    You might want to be generating new sales leads, converting sales or just getting eyes on your brand. We’ll come up with the components you need to do that and then track the progress.

  • Search engine optimised

    Good code, human focused content and logical site structures. We use best practice techniques to ensure your content is indexed correctly and sees targeted, organic traffic flowing to your website.

We've got your back

We pride ourselves on the level of support offered to our clients. From the creation process to the launch phase, right through to the everyday operation and security of your website. We’re always available to discuss the performance and future opportunities for your website.

Website management

Easily keep your content up to date or manage incoming orders. If you get stuck we are always there to help out with phone and email support.

Security locked down

We are constantly on guard for any online attackers. We maintain a robust infrastructure with secure backup systems to ensure your website’s safety and reliability.

Helpful support

Reach out to us for any website concerns or updates, big or small, from technical glitches to tweaking page text.

Our Goal

We're passionate about our client's success

We’ve designed a process for developing projects that explores our client’s needs, develops effective strategies, implements meaningful change and is enjoyable along the way.

As a business owner the process should be easy to understand and simple to contribute your ideas and wishes.

Our website packages make it easy to decide on features and a suitable budget and are available as 12 easy instalment payments rather than an up front cost.

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Frequently asked questions about web design

Google measures how users engage with your website. They measure how long users stay on your site, if they bounced back to the search results page and how your content is structured. Over time Google builds a profile of how well users engage with your website for certain searches.

Therefore if your website design encourages users to stay on your site for longer, browse deeper into your website, and find information easily, you are more likely to improve your SEO.

A website is the modern-day version of a shop front. It is how you represent your brand, products or services. First impressions count, so it’s important that your website visitors can quickly understand what you do, and the value that you bring.

The quality of your website’s design can sub-consciously instil various emotions. We want to avoid friction or doubt in the visitor’s mind. The website’s design should be professional, engaging and if possible delight the user with unexpected greatness.

Ultimately the goal is to attract more visibility to your business with your website, capture more leads and eventually generate more business.

A business website usually has the goal of generating more business. This can be broken down into three key metrics. Visitors, enquiries and sales.

You want to build the best possible website that attracts the most amount of visitors. If done well, those visitors are interested in what you have to offer on your website.

A portion of those visitors will make an enquiry about your service. Your website’s design should encourage those enquiries through calls to action.

Then it’s down to your sales process to turn those enquiries into real business. A good website will have already conveyed the value you bring and improve your ‘conversion rate’ (the number of visitors that become customers as a percentage).

A simple user experience that makes it easy to find information is usually a good thing. Breaking down your navigation structure to its most basic form is often the best for visitors and Google’s search crawlers.

However, if your website is too basic or simple, it might not be very engaging and keep users around, browsing through multiple pages.

Google likes to put forward pages that answer questions in depth. So simple or basic content will usually be beaten by pages that go the extra mile in providing information. A well-designed website can have a lot of information on it but still feel light and easy to read.

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