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The last 6 or more months of having Nick join me at Pixeld have been pretty awesome. The bromance is at an all time high. We’ve been kicking so many goals that it actually has to come to an end. We need to expand the team and turn this team of two, into a team of four.

So we’re on the hunt for two new team members that share our love of all things digital, have a desire to be the best in the business and can have a bit of fun at work. Because we’re growing these roles will evolve. Whilst we need people with proven ability, I feel like the role will grow with the right person and there might not be an exact formula.

So I might not know the exact skills or qualifications this person might have, but I do know they have to fit the mindset and culture we have going on. I love the business I’ve created so far and really want that to continue.

So on to the roles:

Digital Marketing Specialist

This role is to work with our existing client base, exploring opportunities to help them grow through our range of digital marketing activities. The ideal candidate has experience in paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook/Instagram and a strong understanding of search engine optimisation principles. Not those dodgy ones that get you in to trouble, just good practice kind of stuff.

Our digital marketing service is quite broad so there is opportunity to be involved in email marketing, marketing automation, conversion optimisation, content creation and more.

You’ll be talking to clients, discussing their goals and providing advice and direction for their campaigns. You will challenge yourself, us and clients on your strategic decisions.

If you’re a unicorn that can do all of that, awesome. If you can do a couple of those things well, then we’re interested.

There’s more info and a process for applying for this role over at Fruition Recruitment who are handling this hire for us (they do amazing work by the way).

Apply now

WordPress Web Developer

We love building websites on WordPress. We need someone who loves WordPress as much as we do. We build absolutely everything on WordPress. Brochure websites, e-commerce websites, online courses and custom web apps.

We have our own theme framework and expect the developer to be able to create and customise their own themes based on this framework.

All websites are designed from scratch. You don’t necessarily need to design the sites (again, a unicorn would be nice though) but you need to be able to build a theme using our Foundation based framework.

The ideal candidate is strong with PHP/MYSQL and loves to tinker with action hooks, plugins and integrations. The dream is a developer that actually lifts our coding standards.

A nice to have would be someone capable of talking to clients, gathering requirements and providing helpful advice and insights in the development process.

For this role you can simply shoot me an email with your details at [email protected]

The next phase

So whilst it might be the end of Nick and I’s private bromance at work and the Drake music might need to be turned down just a bit, I’m looking forward to growing the team with some awesome additions that make Pixeld stronger service wise but more importantly even more enjoyable to work in every day.


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