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How we search for information online is continually changing. Voice search is now the standout way to get the information we need. It’s just so simple to use, why not? We can voice search information on the internet using our smartphones, tablets or for those that have one, Google Home devices. It seems that the voice assistant is everywhere. Apple have the Siri feature, Android have a Google voice search and Microsoft PC have Cortana. Voice search is gaining momentum, if you’ve been considering optimising your website for voice search then 2019 is the perfect time. You can do this by….

Getting listed online:

If you are a local business, the number one thing to do is to get listed online, this will work in your favour as we move into the voice search revolution. One thing to take note of is that particular tech products have limited display sizes and voice assistants such as Siri will not come up with as many results as a text search will. In this case it means your website may not always show up in voice search results. However, many smart devices and smartphones will produce business listings higher up in their results, to meet user expectations of finding local services.

Writing more content:  

Write local content, in particular. A large scale of voice search usage is in search of local services. Creating locally relevant content will work highly in your favour and improve your voice search SEO. Take note of relevant keywords and rankings to fit the SEO requirements. This will essentially drive relevant traffic to your site.

Reducing page load time:

This is a very important part of your website. If your website has a faster load time it is said to rank higher in a Google Home search. If you find your load time needs reducing you can try optimising the images on your site, use a content delivery network or remove characters from your source code that aren’t needed.

Optimising to mobile friendly:

It is highly common for voice searches to happen from a mobile. More so than any other device. Making this an important step in optimising your website for voice search. By optimising your website for mobile, you are taking an important step to optimising your website for voice search. You can do this by taking Google’s mobile friendly test. Clearing it will rank your website in mobile searches. This in turn, will work in your favour when users voice search your service.

Answering questions with content:

When you do a voice search, you’re more likely to speak naturally right? Rather than talk only in keywords. It is important to fill your website with information that will provide answers to popular questions people may ask of you. Checking Google Analytics is a great way to find particular keywords people sue to find your services online. With these questions and keywords in mind, you can create content that will answer these queries. This will help search engines find you. It is at your advantage to create an FAQ page. Clear answers will help you to place higher in searches, which in turn will make you easier to find during voice searches.

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