Top 5 marketing trends for 2019

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One thing we can all agree on about marketing is that it is a constantly changing industry. Every day new technologies are being developed to suit the lifestyles of businesses and people across the globe. Finding the right methods that will reach out to your target audience will require experimentation. Look no further because the top 5 marketing trends for 2019 are here.

1. Optimise your website for voice search

Just like using Siri, you can search through your browser using voice search. So for those that are not a fan of typing, or are in too much of a rush to type, this will work generously in your favour. Google Voice Search allows users to search through Google and find what they need simply by using their voice. This can be used for both mobile and desktop searches, making it convenient for potential customers looking for your service while they are either on the go, or in their office. Voice searches are becoming increasingly popular for the way they allow users to multi-task, and with more businesses optimising their websites for voice search, why not join the trend?

2. Chatbots on your website

This is a trend that continues to evolve. Chatbots are a favourite amongst many because they are super easy to use and customers can get in contact with your business to get the answers they need to know sooner. For businesses they are a great way to save money, start a reliable relationship with customers and support customer service. Chatbots can be tied into your systems to answer common questions customers tend to ask such as “where are you located?” and “how long is delivery?” 24 hour customer service is a feature that puts many businesses ahead of the game.

3. Podcasts

Podcasts are the modern-day growing trend. People listen to them for professional purposes on the commute to work, or for their own enjoyment while they are at the gym. Podcasts can reach out to any target audience. The evolving growth of smartphones has allowed users to received new release podcast episodes from their favourite channels to their phones without the need to connect their phone to a computer system. Podcasting is effective, easy to share, and can effectively draw your listeners in to hear what you have to say.

4. Live video

Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have a feature to live record videos to connect to their audience. This is used amongst businesses to give the audience a sense of ‘real’ and enable them to feel as though they are right there with you in the video. You can make live tutorials or have a question and answer session, both are great ways to build a reliable relationship with your audience and answer any questions they may have.

5. Mobile payments

Mobile payments are transactions that take place through your mobile device. With Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay on your phone, you can checkout at the store by holding your device beside the stores payment terminal in order to make your transaction. These are favoured amongst many as they are secure, reliable, convenient and easy to use.

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