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We’ve handpicked the best 100% free websites that can kick-start your online marketing efforts and add an instant boost to people viewing and engaging in your content.

As the saying goes, ‘A picture is worth 1,000 words’ and in the world of social media everyone is looking to grab your attention. It’s difficult to come up with fresh new images for your social media posts and blogs especially if you’re just starting out in the digital space.

In the last few years we’ve seen some amazing websites and tools that have come out to assist with posting visually stunning content.

Websites like ShutterStock and iStock have some amazing images as well but if you’re not looking to break the bank we’ve curated a handful of websites that we use every day for free.

1. Unsplash –

Unsplash was one of the first websites to offer high quality images for free and boasts over 40,000 professional photographers providing content for the website. Their policy is ‘Do whatever you want’ so you can re-use these images for your social media and blog posts.

You’re even allowed to use them for commercial use so you could even start a printing business and print these images to re-sell them.

2. Pexels –

Pexels is another great website that offers free images with the biggest difference to Unsplash being they also have a huge library of free videos that you can use. The Pexels team hand-picks all of the images from other free image sources and just like Unsplash every photo falls under the Creative Commons Zero license, allowing unrestricted use.

3. Canva –

Unlike the image websites we’ve listed, Canva is a great creation tool for adding some flair and styling to your images and they offer a free plan that has over 8,000 templates to choose from. There’s a bit of a learning curve if you’re not familiar with editing images but it’s by far the most popular tool online for generating great looking social media images.

4. Iconfinder –

Sometimes you need to add a more subtle element to a website or document. An icon is a great of doing that. You can break up large sections of text or just visually clarify the topic of your content with a great icon. Iconfinder has a stack of free icons available in a range of sizes and file formats. There are premium icons and a subscription plan if you feel inclined, but most of the time there’s something that fits the bill for free.

5. Envato Elements –

A special mention to an Australian based company Envato that have recently launched a library of high quality digital assets for a fraction of the price of some of its competitors. For $30 a month you get access to over 300,000 images and over 30,000 digital assets like graphics, fonts and templates.

Just remember – You don’t always have to spend money to deliver great content to your audience. There are 100’s of websites that offer free photos, videos, graphics and audio for you to use freely.


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