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One of the trends for 2019 is chatbots. In many ways they alleviate time and customer service pressures, and allow you to tend to your other daily tasks. Installing chatbots on to your website is a great way to service your customer by providing information they commonly need quickly and efficiently.

Installing chatbots on to your website is beneficial for a number of reasons. Check out the reasons below.

Zero-waiting time for customers:

Nowadays we have the ability to seek out the information we need, at any time we want. There are social expectations that any inquiries and concerns are addressed in the smallest amount of time possible, simply because with modern technology they can be. Chatbots give customers answers right away and can provide those customers answers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Improves user engagement:

When designed, coded and integrated with the right business ecosystem, Chatbots are extremely useful at serving customers.Their accessibility is a standout feature and people will be more likely to keep going back to your page if it has the easy option of having their questions answered. Afterall, no one likes to be stuck waiting on the phone on hold. It goes without saying, if your customers are happy with the ease of use on your website, they will keep going back to it.

Better understanding of users:

Installing chatbots on your website will also give you an insight into what customers are looking for. You can use this as an opportunity to gather information about what customers are interested in or needing and what services you can provide to them. You can also take this opportunity to find what improvements you need to make, what to redevelop, track purchasing patterns or consumer behaviour.

Cost effective:

One chatbot can work out to be equivalent to a large number of employees. What they can do is communicate with thousands of customers at the one time. Which in turn will bring down extra expenses of having to hire someone to manually answer every one of the enquiries for you. Instead utilise your staff to make the chatbot answers to your customers questions more helpful and easy to understand.

Faster Onboarding:

If customers are happy with your customer service and the ease of use of your website, it is easier for them to sign up to your services then and there. Having a feature that will answer a customers concerns in little time, is reassuring and shows that you are dedicated to helping your customers. Consider including in your chatbot process a path for customers to get the ball rolling with your business.

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