Why are retargeting ads so impressive to your customers?

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The marketing game has changed.

We have entered a digital age where everyone has an online profile. As users, we continue to regularly update these profiles with likes, follows, purchases and photos. It tells our story. But as businesses, this information is valuable because it allows us to accurately segment and target audiences with less missed opportunities.

How well do you know your customers?

Customers don’t just appear on your site and instantly convert. They have been attracted via a search engine, social media channel or traditional media avenues to your website. They have researched extensively into your brand and have deliberated over your products, mission and core values. They have even looked into your competitors and have done the same thing. And once they have reached a decision, that is when they may make a conversion on your site. But it isn’t guaranteed.

  • Have you provided engaging, helpful and relevant content to support your products or services?
  • Do you appear human or at least understanding of everyday problems that affect your audience?
  • Could you tell a complete stranger exactly what type of person is your most frequent customer, right down to how they found you and what they like the most?
  • More importantly, are they the right customers?

To be a successful marketing manager you need to be able to confidently answer these questions. The internet and the Pixeld team can help you do that.

One of the most effective marketing techniques to gain the right customers is retargeted advertisements.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is using advertising streams to deliberately target people who have visited your website with paid advertising that keeps them aware or engaged with your business. Retargeting has multiple purposes including building brand awareness, building relationships with your customer base, reporting behavioural data to you and priming users into sales qualified leads.

Retargeting ads allows you to do these things because you have collected information about the type of person they are, what interests they have in your business and potentially why they didn’t convert the first time! It means you can distribute helpful, engaging and attractive advertisements that lead them back to your site and assist them in finding their desired information and becoming one of your customers.

Why are retargeting ads so effective?

Well firstly, less than 10% of users purchase or convert on their first website visit. The use of retargeting allows you to strategically remind users about your brand on other sites without being considered annoying.

Similarly, people want to see brands care about them and reach out to them in unique and personalised circumstances. Unlike other advertisement streams such as radio advertisements, people NOTICE your ads when they are being retargeted because they are already interested in your brand. Retargeting with helpful and attractive content can help you achieve up to ten times more engagement and click-through-rates and have more sales qualified leads with less marketing costs.

Retargeting is strategic because you can deliberately choose when, where, what and how potential customers see the advertisements using both Facebook and Google algorithms. It means you can use data, profile information and machine learning to automatically personalise your advertisements to the user’s issues. Therefore, you’re building an invested target audience and brand awareness for your business.

Finally, retargeting ads are one of the most effective paid marketing techniques because they allow your business to stay on top of the user’s mind when you place advertisements on websites they view and track how they engage with them. Your ideal customer may not even realise they are being targeted and the conversions, engagement and loyalty to your brand may eventually become a subconscious process for them.  Consequently, by placing advertisements in areas that users frequent you may also be able to disrupt their current brand loyalty and convert them to your business with helpful and engaging content.

How are retargeting ads impressive to my customers?

It shows you care about them.

People want to feel like people and not just numbers or users. So using retargeting and remarketing efforts to get them on side with your brand allows them to feel in control and appreciated for their conversion decisions.

And it shows you understand them.

With retargeting ads platforms you are given information that will help you relate to each and every lead in a unique and human way. With this information, you are able to create conversations and gain an understanding with people that are genuinely interested in your business. With the right content and retargeting efforts, these people can become loyal brand ambassadors and bring new leads to your business.

How can Pixeld help you with retargeting ads?

At Pixeld we take a holistic and human approach to developing both your website and digital marketing strategy. We not only take into account your business goals but we ask questions to get to know your ideal and frequent customers for the purpose of finding new ways to connect them with you. One of those ways is including innovative retargeting efforts within your ad strategy to continue building brand loyalty with your customers. We want you to not only have stunning shareable content but have customers that will engage and share it with their network as well.

Need a digital marketing strategy that understands your customers and how they communicate? Get in touch with the team at Pixeld and see how we can help you.


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