Best About Us Pages – Does my website need an ‘about us’ page?

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How to write an about us page

The ‘About Us’ page included on your website is the bread and butter of any much loved and valued businesses website. It is essentially, your big opportunity to highlight key information about your service that will connect with your website visitors, clients and potential clients. An ‘About Us’ page is essential to inform viewers on what your service is and what it is that you can provide to people. The copy on these pages does not need to be long and lengthy as that will lose the interest of viewers. It can simply highlight the best possible information of your business that you would like your clients and potential clients to know.  Keep in mind, the ‘About Us’ page contributes more than just stating your key information. 

What to include in an about us page

Showcase Your Brand’s Identity:

While all businesses need a unique selling point to set themselves apart from others, this is the page that will shine the spotlight on your brand’s unique identity. The products and services of your business can be showcased on the other pages of your website, whereas, the “About Us” page will solely focus on the voice and the vision behind the brand. This is the golden opportunity to show your viewers who you are and why your service is the best option for them. The unique voice behind your company will enable the viewer to connect with you and may just be the aspect of the website that persuades them to use your services.

Build Trust With Your Audience:

Including background information in your “About Us” page will enable your visitors to learn more about you and is a great way to personalise the experience for them and to establish a trusting client/business relationship. Including relevant training and previous experience you’ve encountered will highlight your professionalism and passion for what you do, in turn helping viewers to feel comfortable with your services. Providing the backstory of your business will give viewers the opportunity to set you apart from other services  This can be a vital element in encouraging a positive relationship with viewers of your webpage.

Personalise Your Audiences Experience:

Including images appropriate to your business will further allow viewers to visually set your business apart from others, and encourage them to feel as though they are getting to know you. The inclusion of employee photos or candid shots from around the work space, are an encouraging way to show the human side to the business, that isn’t just words on paper. To see images of you or your workplace lets the viewer get a better sense of who you are as well as what and who you like to work amongst. These images can establish familiarity with viewers as well as encourage them to feel comfortable contacting you.  

Your about us page is actually more about them

Attract Your Target Audience:

An ‘About Us” page should effectively be tailored to speak to your key demographic. This will convey that you have considered your audience and what it is they need, and highlights that your service is committed to assisting them. Your ‘About Us’ page is your prime opportunity to show you can relate to your demographic and their needs. When you show consideration for their problem, viewers are more likely to feel encouraged to seek a solution. In turn you are able to highlight why your business is the best one to help them and their needs. Copy that clearly aims to target a particular audience will be able to connect stronger to desired clients and attract those that are in need of a service like yours.

Get help creating an about us page

Are you having trouble putting together the right words for your “About Us” page? Does your current page need a spruce up? Pixeld can help. With copywriting services available we can ensure your “About Us” page reflects the dedication behind your brand and the passion you have for it.  Get in touch with us.


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