How to Use HubSpot Marketing Hub for Lead Generation

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Of all the marketing efforts a business can employ to build directly into its business growth, lead generation still stands as the cornerstone of every successful strategy. With the rise of inbound marketing, businesses are constantly looking for more efficient ways to attract, engage, and convert potential customers into loyal advocates of their products or services. HubSpot responded with Marketing Hub, an innovative platform designed to streamline the lead generation process, while supercharging your marketing. And it works, very, very well.

HubSpot Marketing Hub – an introduction  

Marketing Hub is a tool that, quite rightly, prioritises and facilitates inbound marketing. Why is that good for business, you ask? Well, research done this year found that inbound leads, that originated from SEO, had an average 14.6% close rate. Against the outbound approach, which sits at an insignificant 1.7% close rate. So, inbound marketing, in SEO alone, is 8 times more likely to convert leads into buying customers. And HubSpot Marketing Hub is the fuel that fires those leads.

The platform focuses on a flywheel approach of attracting, engaging, and delighting customers before, and after, a sale – so that customers are connected to the business over and above the service or product they provide. Marketing Hub does this by offering several types of inbound marketing functions, from email marketing tools, social media management and content creation assistance to SEO optimisation, lead capture forms and analytics – and everything in between.

It all starts with lead generation

Content first

What sets Marketing Hub apart is its focus on, and ability to help businesses create valuable, relevant, high-quality content that resonates with their target audiences – driving repeat engagement. The platform advocates for content that serves as a direct solution to an audience’s pain point, or an answer to their most likely questions. And then, helps you create it. This could be in the form of blog posts, ebooks, webinars, or videos. In offering this kind of useful content, a business becomes a trusted source of information, and builds strong connections with an audience – long before they’ve even mentioned their product or service.

Landing page optimisation

Another key differentiator of Marketing Hub is its clear and insightful understanding of a user journey and experience. The platform prioritises visually appealing landing pages, designed to attract attention and capture visitor information. they’ve also made it considerably easy to use, including an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, as well as an A/B testing function, that allows businesses to implement elements like headlines, imagery, and call-to-action buttons to increase and optimise their site’s conversion rates.

Adding to HubSpot’s understanding of the user experience, and how businesses can effectively guide users using layout and design, the platform includes lead flows and pop-up forms, which encourage engagement and drive information capture. The platform also allows businesses to personalise messaging to their users, based on their behaviour on the site, to maximise relevance for each specific user.


Building into their customer-focused approach to lead generation, HubSpot has included an intuitive tool that allows businesses to divide leads they have captured into distinct segments based on demographics, behaviours, and interests using segmentation tools. Businesses are able to tailor their marketing messages and content to each specific segment, making their communication hyper-relevant and engaging.


To streamline your entire marketing strategy, the platform allows businesses to automate almost every function using a clever little innovation called Workflows, which is essentially an automation function that processes tasks, information, and communication using pre-input triggers users create. For example, you could create a CRM email workflow, which would deliver personalised content to your audience at every stage of the buyer’s journey. You could include everything from welcome emails to lead nurturing communication, and even re-engagement campaigns. Workflows ensure that businesses are sending the most timely and relevant communication they possibly can.


This is where it gets really smart. HubSpot knows that not all leads are good leads. So, the platform allows businesses to score/rank and subsequently prioritise their leads to evaluate the quality and readiness to purchase. It intuitively creates these rankings based on the public’s interactions with a business’ website and content. This lets you identify the most likely prospects, and prioritise your follow-up communication, so that you’re maximising the possibility of conversions.


The platform also includes full SEO optimisation functionality, allowing business to optimise their websites and content to attract more organic traffic and generate higher-quality leads. HubSpot’s built-in SEO tools also provide actionable insights and recommendations to improve your website’s visibility and drive organic growth. And it’s not without very good reason. In fact, current marketing reports state that businesses with a blog experience 67% more leads than those without one.

Tracking and analysing

No marketing platform would be complete without comprehensive data tracking and analysing capabilities. Marketing Hub gives businesses insight into everything from website traffic to conversion rates and lead-to-customer conversions, allowing you to monitor the performance of your marketing efforts in real-time, and then refine and optimise your strategies.


No matter the size of your business, HubSpot Marketing Hub can add serious value. You could recently have learned about inbound marketing and are looking to attract, engage, and convert leads more effectively. You may also be well-versed in marketing and are looking to apply some serious strategy to streamline your lead generation and drive your business’ growth. Either way, HubSpot Marketing Hub lets you do it all.

When it comes to incredible tools, there’s nothing like hiring an expert who knows how to use them. At Pixeld, we’ve helped countless businesses boost their inbound marketing efforts using Marketing Hub. We’ve also fully onboarded every one of them onto the platform, so they have as much or as little control in running their marketing communication as they’d like to. Of course, we’re always available to them for support, content creation and any other marketing and web service they need. If you’re looking for something similar, get in touch with us, and start reaping all the benefits of HubSpot Marketing Hub today.


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