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If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s that getting customers to your website is hard work. So the last thing you want to do is waste that opportunity. But a lot of your visitors are not at the decision stage of the purchasing process. They might be researching who they want to go with, or maybe even researching what it is they actually need in the first place.

So all that work and cost of acquiring that visitor is almost a waste of time isn’t it? Not if you can maintain a relationship. So how do you do that when most people don’t want to sign up to another email newsletter? Remarketing.

Remarketing lets you show ads to people that have been to your website before. With a small piece of code on your website, you basically accumulate a list of site visitors and then create ads that are only for that list, to be displayed on Google’s display network or Facebook.

Reasons remarketing works

Top of mind

Staying in your consumers mind whilst they are still in the decision making stage is vital. You earned their initial interest in your product or brand, so make sure you keep it. Consumers seeing your ads will be reminded of their impending decision to be made, and who was the last to remind them? You.


It’s a tactic used in all kinds of traditional marketing such as TV and radio. Repetition. It’s debatable the number of times a consumer needs to see a marketing message before they will make a decision on purchasing. Some say three, some say seven. There is one definite rule, the effective frequency is more than one. Getting your message repeated to your customers beyond their initial website visit is guaranteed to improve your conversion rate.

Impression of greatness

Some people will put two and two together and realise that they are only seeing your ads because they visited your website. But it’s really surprising the number of people that don’t. I’m not saying they are not smart enough to work it out. They just don’t realise because they aren’t thinking about how you run your marketing strategies. A lot of consumers will believe your ads are literally everywhere they go, rather than just following them around. The perception of your business size and/or professionalism multiplies.

Cost effectiveness

When you buy ads the bulk of your costs are generally paying per click. Impressions with a random audience are next to useless if the consumer is never going to be interested. With remarketing the click is important of course, but the impressions are too. The impressions are working away at building your brand and staying top of mind with your customer. For that reason your campaigns are getting a lot more bang for your buck.

Greater ROI

Traditional display ads can be targeted towards demographics, but there’s no guarantee the audiences are interested or even need your product or service. Your remarketing list users have already qualified themselves as interested in your product or service by visiting your website.  Therefore you have one of the most highly targeted lists you could possibly acquire. If you take things further, you can segment lists by the pages they visited on your website and give them a specific ad that matches. This will really skyrocket your return.

If you aren’t already, get started building your remarketing list

For the benefits stated, remarketing should be a highly valued component in any digital marketing campaign. There are some amazing custom and complex ways of implementing highly targeted and effective remarketing campaigns. However even at the most basic level of one set of ads for all of your site visitors you are going to get an amazing return on your investment. You need at least 100 unique visitors to start with Google Adwords so start building your list now.

Pixeld can get you up and running with remarketing very easily, just get in touch with us.



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